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Supporting Health Care Professionals

Health care professionals are on the front lines and we are here to support them.

In response to COVID-19, we donated TYLENOL® to the highest need hospitals in the United States and increased samples to health care professionals.

We believe it’s important to support front line workers as they care for our country during this unprecedented time.

Direct Support for the American Nurses Foundation

On the front lines. It’s where you’ll find the people brave enough to protect us all each day.

It’s where you’ll find the hope we seek during our most challenging times.

And, it’s where you’ll find America’s nurses—the caregivers committed to helping all our families, our coworkers, our neighbors.

Today, our nation’s nurses are under siege by COVID-19. Steadfastly, they’re delivering relief to all who need it—one hospital bed at a time. Now, it’s up to us to provide them relief in return.

For generations, TYLENOL® has supported nurses. So, knowing it’s more important than ever to be there for them, we asked our devoted partners at the American Nurses Foundation one simple question:

How can we help?

Their answer: Direct financial support to help nurses affected by COVID-19.

To support nurses, TYLENOL® is making a donation to the American Nurses Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund—because as our nurses have chosen the responsibility to care for us and our families, we are choosing the responsibility to care for them and theirs.

Through this donation, America’s nurses will receive more of what they need to continue helping our country safely through this unprecedented time.

Our hope is that these heroes—and that is no overstatement—may continue to deliver the quality of care all our people need, with the unwavering courage, health and spirit they deserve.

To learn more, please visit the American Nurses Foundation website.

#StayHome for Health Care Professionals

In service of Health Care Professionals, if you can, please #StayHome


Please help us support our health care professionals by practicing safe social distancing for those who can’t.

Join us in spreading the word to #StayHome on Instagram and Facebook.

Get ideas for fun at home activities here.

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