Don't Dread Ear Infections - Be Prepared With SmartCheck™

Child using SmartCheck otoscope

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3 Simple Steps To Turn Your Smartphone Into An Otoscope

1. Slide

Easily slides on and securely attaches to your iPhone®

Align the SmartCheck device over your smartphone’s main camera to turn it into an otoscope.

2. Snap

Just like at the doctor’s office… but from the comfort from home

The SmartCheck device works in the same way as the otoscope (ear scope) that your doctor uses. The in-app prompts and patented guidance feature will help you capture a clear recording of your child’s eardrum.

3. Share

Receive expert care and diagnosis remotely

Quickly and conveniently share recording 24/7 with your healthcare provider or a telemedicine provider without having to leave home.