There With Care

Caregivers prove day in and day out that care has no limits. They do heroic work every day and play a critical role in helping families overcome pain. However, 59% of caregivers feel financial strain associated with their role. They often limit their lives to care for their loved one. Sometimes, they need to turn to GoFundMe for a little extra help.

That's why we're meeting them there with care, in the form of direct and immediate financial support. TYLENOL® is making donations to fulfill the GoFundMe fundraisers of individual caregivers who still have not reached their goals. To date, we've made hundreds of donations so that they can spend less time worrying and more time focusing on what really matters: caring for their loved ones.

Our goal is to celebrate the extraordinary care these caregivers provide for their loved ones. In fact, TYLENOL® has been supporting caregivers for generations through donations, samples, and scholarships. We remain committed to ensuring our nation's caregivers have the resources they need to continue to provide Care Without Limits™

Caregivers without limits

Watch Care Without Limits™ in action as we spotlight some of these extraordinary caregivers and hear their stories.