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How to Prepare for Sick Days

Kids may pass germs on to each other, but there are ways you can be ready for the times when your child comes home with an illness.

How to be prepared:

  • Keep a list on your fridge or by the phone of key phone numbers such as your pediatrician, poison control center and local pharmacy.
  • Keep an up-to-date record of your child's weight. Many children's medicines are dosed by weight or age. The dose will change as your child grows. Download our free application that lets you track your child’s stats and records on your smart phone. 
  • Make a list of any medications that your child is taking currently and any allergies he may have.
  • Stock your medicine cabinet with a thermometer to keep track of your child’s temperature and Children's TYLENOL® to lower fevers.


Sick days are no fun for anyone, but having a game plan will help you give them the care and comfort they need.

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