How To Use SmartCheck®

SmartCheck® from Children’s TYLENOL® is a personal otoscope (ear scope) and app that turns your smartphone into an otoscope. The free* app will help guide you in how to correctly attach the device, position your child, take a recording of their eardrum, and send it to a healthcare provider. The SmartCheck® device works in the same way as the otoscope your healthcare provider uses. The in-app prompts and patented guidance feature will help you capture a recording of your child’s eardrum.

*Data and message rates may apply.

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How To: Step-by-Step

For more detailed instructions on how to use SmartCheck® download the Instructions for Use



Before inserting the Digital Ear Scope, please confirm your child’s ear does not have:

  • Ear tubes
  • Blockages
  • Crusting
  • Ear canal swelling
  • Fluid or discharge
  • Foreign objects
  • Excess ear wax

If you see any of these, do not use the device and call your healthcare provider.

How To: Use SmartCheck®

How To: Record with SmartCheck® for Different Age Groups

How To: Troubleshoot SmartCheck®

Frequently Asked Questions

It helps to slightly tighten the attachment knob so the device stays in place but can still be moved to correctly align it.

Once you’ve aligned the device and can see a full circle, pinch the phone and device together by placing your thumb on the alignment feature and your other fingers on the body of the device (near the specula tip). This will help hold it in place while you tighten the attachment knob with your other hand. 

  • Download the SmartCheck® app to your phone. The free* app is available for Apple® devices. You’ll be asked to create a secure account so you can save and review your recordings.
  • Watch the tutorials. These videos will show you how to correctly attach the device to your phone and capture a recording of your child’s eardrum. The first time you use the app, the tutorials will guide you through the entire process. You can also find them in the app or on our website.
  • Follow the app’s step-by-step instructions to take a recording. The app will guide you every step of the way as you use SmartCheck® to locate the eardrum and save your recording.

    Be sure to read the Instructions for Use that come with the device for more information on how to use it.

*App is free to download; data and message rates may apply.

iPhone®, AirDrop®, and Apple® are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Step 1

Ask your healthcare provider if they’re able to accept your eardrum recordings through email or text.

If your healthcare provider doesn’t accept text or email, ask if you can send your recordings via a patient portal or other digital messenger service.

Step 2

Ask your healthcare provider for an email address or phone number to which you can send your recordings. Find out if there are file size limitations.

Step 3

Within your child’s profile in the SmartCheck® app, choose the recordings you’d like to send. Below the recordings, you’ll see sharing options.


Step 4

On the next screen, select SHARE VIDEOS. This will open your phone’s share options.

Step 5

To share your recordings via text message, select the Messages option. If you’ll be sharing via email, select the Mail option. Any notes associated with your recordings will also be sent when sharing via email.

Note: When sharing your recordings with a healthcare provider, the name and birthdate you enter for each profile will also be added to the file. This allows your healthcare provider to know whose eardrum recording they’re reviewing.

It’s important to note that when you share your eardrum recordings via email, text, or telemedicine app, they are no longer subject to the SmartCheck® Privacy Policy and are handled in accordance with the privacy and security practices of the email or text service used to transmit the recordings. You should review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for any mechanism you select to transmit the recordings. For more information concerning SmartCheck®, please review the SmartCheck® Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Please note data and message rates may apply when sharing recordings.

No, the specula tips are not reusable. For safety and sanitary purposes, you should safely throw away the used specula tip after each recording session.

To purchase more of the single-use Welch-Allyn specula tips, you can search online for the size of tips you need:

  • Pediatric (2.7 mm): Welch Allyn Universal KleenSpec® Single-Use Specula Pediatric 2.75 mm Part Code: 52432-U
  • Child/Adult (4.2 mm): Welch Allyn Universal KleenSpec® Single-Use Specula Adult 4.25 mm Part Code: 52434-U

KleenSpec® is a registered trademark of Welch Allyn, Inc.

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