Preventing Sinus Headaches and Pain

Sinus headaches and pain can hit allergy sufferers, but sticking to a few simple strategies can help minimize your exposure to allergens and lower your risk of getting a sinus headache.

woman with sinus headache

Things to try indoors

  • Improve your air quality with an air filtration system, HEPA filters and a dehumidifier to help prevent mold growth.
  • Keep things tidy by vacuuming frequently, washing linens in hot water and drying them immediately.
  • Decorate thoughtfully, avoiding unwashable dust magnets such as venetian blinds, curtains, rugs and carpets.
  • Be conscientious when it comes to your fluffy friends. Keep pets outdoors and delegate when you can, letting a loved one tend to litter and cages.

Things to try outdoors

  • Plan ahead and check weather forecasts and pollen counts before you head out. On hot, dry, windy days it may be best to stay in.
  • Avoid going out in the morning, as pollen counts tend to be the highest early in the day.
  • Keep allergens outdoors where they belong. Shower and change if you’ve been outdoors for an extended period of time to wash pollen that may have collected on your hair or skin.

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