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Tips to Help You Sleep Better at Night

Chances are if you’re having trouble falling asleep, your day is not setting you up for success. Try following these tips during the day to help you fall asleep easier. Sleep tight!

7 AM

Set the Alarm

Get up at the same time each day, even on weekends, to keep your body regulated.

11 AM

Take a Sun Break

No sunlight in your office? Get outside for a short stroll to help you sleep sounder at night.

2 PM

Reduce Caffeine

Enjoy your last cup of caffeinated joe by early afternoon each day.

6 PM

Evening Exercise

Finish exercising several hours before going to sleep so your body can wind down properly afterwards.

7 PM

Eat Dinner Early

Eat your last meal several hours before you plan to hit the pillow– that way your body is done digesting by the time you want to sleep.

8 PM

Take a Hot Bath

Take a warm bath for about twenty minutes around 8pm to help relax your body and loosen your muscles.

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