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Every year, nearly 44 million caregivers take care of the people who have touched their lives. They ask for nothing in return but their loved one's health.

Jim & Jeannie Gaffigan

See how Jim went from care receiver to Caregiver.


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TYLENOL® has been supporting caregivers and providing pain relief for over 60 years. Now you can help too, with a care card. By purchasing a care card, you can give back to the caregivers in your life and make their daily challenges a little easier.

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Advisory Board

We asked longtime caregivers to tell us what it means to take care of someone they love. They told us about their greatest challenges, their finest moments and how it awakened their stronger self.

Terri Reinhart

“A caregiver can really love their task and it can still be overwhelming. A caregiver is generally a very strong person doing a job which could wear out 4 people.”

Darci Bean

“Being a caregiver is hard work and requires so much patience. I continue to do it as I know I’m the one there. I know that’s my job and I inspire myself honestly, to be better and do better, even on the really bad days.”

Cari Dunn

“Obviously, caregiving is hard, but the reward is greater. I will never forget caring for my grandmother before she passed. Even though it was the hardest year of my life, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.”

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