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You Spoke, and We Listened: Meet Our Easy-Open Bottle Cap

We heard clearly from consumers that our old medicine bottle caps could be hard to open, especially for arthritis sufferers. In fact, it was a very common piece of feedback at out Consumer Care Center. That’s why we’ve redesigned our pill bottle caps to a push-and-turn design. And not only that, but we’ve made changes to the carton, while maintaining compliant with our tamper resistant features. Here are the changes we’ve made.

Old Tylenol bottle cap vs new Tylenol bottle cap

1: Push-to-Open Design and Larger Bottle Cap

We conducted extensive consumer testing to find how we should design our easy open pill bottles. Gone are the arrows on our old packaging that had to be aligned on the cap and the bottleneck before you popped the top off. We tested and approved a design based on consumer feedback that has an easier-to-open push and turn cap.

Not only is the bottle cap easier to open, the push and turn cap is larger, making it easier to grip. We believe this can be helpful for all TYLENOL® users but especially for arthritis sufferers.

Old Tylenol carton vs new Tylenol carton

2: Protective Opening on Packaging

Beyond just the bottle, we updated the packaging with a consumer-protective zig-zag seal opening strip on the ends of the box to protect it until you open it, which means you can tell right away if your box has been tampered with or damaged. As a result, we removed the red plastic neckband feature from our old packaging. By removing this neckband, TYLENOL® is eliminating a source of single use plastic.

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