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The Importance of Sleep

Sleep Importance

Whoever said “you snooze you
lose” was kidding himself.


Believe it or not, 1 in 3 American adults have trouble sleeping.
Are you one of them? Getting enough uninterrupted sleep can make a
world of difference for your mental and physical health.

You might not be getting enough sleep if you:

Have difficulty making decisions and solving problems

Feel like you could doze-off during daily activities, such as
sitting in traffic or watching TV

Make mistakes and take longer than normal to complete tasks

Have trouble controlling your emotions

Have difficulty learning or remembering things

The Importance of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can have negative impacts on our mental and
physical health. Make sure you're maintaining a healthy sleep schedule to
enjoy these benefits of a good night's sleep.

Sleep & Mental Health

A good night’s sleep can enhance your memory
and problem-solving skills.


Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule helps you
stay motivated, alert, and engaged.


A full night’s sleep can help your mood and even
prevent feelings of depression.

Sleep & Physical Health

A solid night of sleep can help you maintain
a healthy weight.


Sleep helps your immune system stay strong.
The less you sleep, the harder it can be to fight
common infections.


While you’re asleep, your body repairs
important cells and tissues.


Next time you find yourself tossing and turning, or asking yourself
“why do I wake up tired?”, reach for SIMPLY SLEEP®. Or, if pain is keeping
you awake, try TYLENOL® PM. These medications can help you fall asleep,
and are non-habit forming when used as directed.

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Get the rest you need with helpful sleep aids.

Learn the basics about getting quality sleep.

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